Prospective students

Application information

Students applying to the neuroscience Ph.D. program do so via the Biomedical Sciences Doctoral Portal.

Domestic applications may be submitted to the VCU Graduate School at any time, but for full consideration for financial support for the Ph.D., applications must be submitted before Jan. 17. Except in unique cases, students are accepted for the fall semester only.

International students who wish to apply are directed to the VCU Global Education Office.

Application requirements

  • Scores of at least 300 for the combined GRE, verbal plus quantitative, (1200 based on the previous scale) and a minimum overall GPA of 3.2 are expected for competitive students.
  • Foreign applicants who do not use English as their native language must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language examination and achieve a score of at least 100 (IBT), 250 (CBT) or 600 (PBT).
  • Although there are no absolute course requirements for admission, fundamental knowledge of chemistry and biology are considered necessary to pursue advanced studies, and upper-level courses in molecular and cellular biology are desirable. Previous research experience or demonstration of a serious interest in a research-oriented career is also desirable.
  • A statement describing the applicant’s research experience and interests, as well as letters of reference from previous supervisors, are necessary and helpful in determining an applicant’s suitability for this curriculum. View reference request forms PDF for the VCU Graduate School.
  • Official transcripts of all graduate and undergraduate records mailed from the college or university registrar.